The 50 Best Episodes of The X-Files

Why is always "Mulder and Scully"? Why not "Scully and Mulder"?On the latest episode of our podcast, my co-host and I discussed the first three episodes of The X-Files. I mentioned off-hand that “Deep Throat,” the second episode, was a large improvement over the pilot, but that it wouldn’t make my “top fifty” of the show’s run.

Which begs the question: what are the fifty best episodes of The X-Files? Look no further, friends. I have the answer.

Presented without further comment or explanation, here is the list. The rankings are subject to change at any time. Except the top five, which aren’t going anywhere. If you’re curious how the episodes would fare on the scale, consider anything 50-39 an 8, 38-12 a 9, 11-2 would be 10s, and the number one spot gets the prestigious 11. Continue reading