RDM Thoughts, Costuming Edition

A continuing selection of choice moments from Ronald D. Moore’s remarkably candid Battlestar Galactica podcast commentaries.

RDM: This scene here is a fascinating scene, an important scene. It kept going in and out of the cut, and I tried — it was a wardrobe problem that screwed me in the editing room.

Terry: Oh God, please. What?

RDM: Because I wanted at one point to make Laura’s testimony one long piece. That she got on the stand, and then Lee got up and cross-examined her, and then this whole thing. But she was in two different outfits. And I–

Terry: Because they probably shot it–

RDM: She was on two different days.

Terry: But wait a second. So you wrote it as two different days?

RDM: I wrote it as two different days.

Terry: And then they shot it as two different days.

RDM: Yeah.

Terry: But it was the wardrobe department’s problem?

RDM: Yeah. Because they put her in two different outfits.

Terry: For two different days.

RDM: Yeah.

Terry: So actually, you changed your mind.

RDM: Yeah, I changed my mind. And the wardrobe department wasn’t smart enough–

Terry: –to read your mind.

RDM: –to anticipate that there are many different ways that I might cut the show.

Terry: Right. And go to the director and say, “Could you shoot it in every possible outfit in case Ron changes his mind down the road?”

RDM: All they had to do is shoot it in one outfit.

Terry: This is the problem. You see, this is the problem, people.

RDM: I can’t be held responsible for these–

Terry: Right, yeah. But see, if I hadn’t been here people would’ve thought that the wardrobe department somehow messed up instead of the writer.

Ron, probably joking, throws his costume designers under the bus as his wife (a former wardrobe designer herself) comes to their defense during “Crossroads, Pt. 1.”

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