RDM Thoughts, Busted Edition

A continuing selection of choice moments from Ronald D. Moore’s remarkably candid Battlestar Galactica podcast commentaries.

RDM: We had talked about in the writers’ room various…lots of other ideas for Anders. He was gonna go into the Marines [or] he was gonna go into flight training. There was a lot of different notions that came up of giving him a job, and they just kept falling away by the wayside, ’cause they took up time. It didn’t seem like they were exploring new ground with him. It didn’t quite feel correct for Anders. There seemed to be something right that as Kara was drifting and Kara was unsure what she would do with her life that Anders would not completely leave her orbit and was gonna try to solidify that. That the relationship between those two was as important as it was to her. And then, again, cross-cutting this with Lee and Dualla is, [or] was a choice that Eddie —

[door opens]

Terry: Are you smoking?!

RDM: — oh. Hello, Mrs. Ron.

Terry: You’re in here in smoking.

RDM: I am in here in smoking. I have returned to Altadena, therefore the smoking lamp is on. Is lit.

Terry: Ewwwwww. It’s in the hallways!

RDM: We’ll —

Terry: Your children are all gonna die of second-hand smoke.

RDM: No, the children aren’t even here!

Terry: And the cats.

RDM: Well. The cats might.

— Ron, sneaking a cigarette in the house against his wife Terry’s wishes (established at length on previous podcasts), while talking about “Taking a Break from All Your Worries”

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